#1921: No Sleep Till Hunga-Dunga

May 25, 2019
This week on Car Talk, Howard needs to drive a mattress from Boston to “Hunga-Dunga” and wants to know how to get “negative lift” and keep it from flying off the roof of his car. Tom and Ray know one method that won’t work, as evidenced by an ill-fated attempt to transport 18 sheets of plywood. Elsewhere, Peggy swears she heard the guys recommend mixing kerosene and water to wash a car, but isn’t calling to sue for damages. Also, Scott’s concerned about his truck not starting, but more worried about his friend “Fat Tony” fiddling around with his big bucket o’tools; John manged to lock himself out of his car with the engine running and chose the most painful way to shut if off; and if Tom and Ray help Gillian translate a French truck description, are they really doing work for the CIA? All this and more, this week on The Best of Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

We nap in solidarity!

This Week's Puzzler

Get Out Those Matchsticks: Another clever matchstick puzzler!

Last Week's Puzzler

Billy's 50 Cent Habit: What's the simple repair needed to end his twice-daily stops at the gas station?

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