#1909: He Can Fry the Fish and Watch the Cat

Mar 02, 2019
Hey, would you happen to have a PhD in mockingbird poop? If so, Beth could use your help. She has to park her Camry below the home of a mockingbird that enjoys eating berries, and, um, has an active digestive system. Will Tom and Ray have any useful suggestions to help Beth poop-proof her car? Elsewhere, Shlomit’s husband drives with two feet. Does the fact that he’s a dancer make this any less wacko? Also, Scott keeps losing parking lot traffic cone races to his wife and is looking for ways to help him win, however underhanded; Abbie needs help persuading a physics professor to help her rent a car after he damaged hers; and Dan bought a used Corolla that may have come with the previous owner’s engagement ring hiding behind the dash. How did it get there? Find out this week on The Best of Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

An elephant never forgets.

This Week's Puzzler

Gone Fishing: How many fish did the guys catch?

Last Week's Puzzler

Popping Pills: How do you avoid a dangerous drug overdose?

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