#1828: The Bet

Jul 14, 2018
You send just one of your brother’s heaps to the crusher, and you never hear hear the end of it. But this week on the Best of Car Talk, Patti’s mom’s attempt to drive her Datsun from Houston to Boston may spare Ray from ever having to hear the phrase “sleek black beauty” again. Elsewhere, Casey’s career making bagpipes may be the only way to rid his Civic of the garter snakes that have taken residence. Also, Gloria’s Jetta is losing power on the highway, and her work-around might get her killed; John may have replaced the wrong “gizmachi” to try to get the raw gas smell out of his Town Car; and Maz hears birds chortling when she downshifts her Fiat. All this, plus the legendary Melissa Peterson letter, and more, this week on The Best of Car Talk.

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