#1636: Magliozzi's Ignoramus Principle

Sep 03, 2016
Move over Heisenberg! This week on the Best of Car Talk, one listener’s new theory on Tom and Ray’s ability to alter reality. Elsewhere, Anthony thinks his cheapo tires are making noise. His solution? Swap them with his wife’s tires. Will Tom and Ray have a suggestion that won’t land Anthony in divorce court? Also, Crash’s Mazda is making him live up to his nickname by wandering all over the road; Kimberly is tired of having to whack her Subaru’s starter; Dora has become a reluctant member of the Alternator of the week club; and does a cleaner car lead to a bigger mechanic’s bill? All this, plus some words to live by and lots more, this week on The Best of car Talk.

Show Open Topic

To Women, From a Man Who's Had Enough

This Week's Puzzler

Perfect Words: What do these words have in common?

Last Week's Puzzler

The Flawed Castle: What was wrong with the tower stairs?

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