#1028: Chuck, You Have Your Head Up Your Keister

Jul 10, 2010
This week on Car Talk, male solidarity takes one on the chin. Chuck from Maine is worried that his wife's parking brake method is killing their CRV. But the car will be in better shape than Chuck's ego when Tom and Ray finish with him! Elsewhere on the vehicular front, Scott in Oregon is worried about his Nissan's starting problem. But he's a wee bit more concerned about protecting it from his neighbor Fat Tony, and his big bucket o' tools. Also, Rochelle from Wyoming finds her love for her '87 Isuzu severely tested. And on Stump the Chumps, did Tom and Ray's venture into Mattress Aerodynamics help Howard make it from Massachusetts to Hunga Dunga without causing a bedding backup on I-95? All this and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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Hate mail from an 11-year old.

This Week's Puzzler

Sally invited 17 guests to a dance party. She assigned each guest a number from 2 to 18, keeping 1 for herself. The sum of each couple's numbers was a perfect square. What was the number of Sally's partner?

Last Week's Puzzler

How did the policeman know that the "Big Kahuna" had arrived just by looking at the car parked outside?

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Isuzu review

Ray was far too harsh on Isuzu's. Maybe there was a bad batch of Troopers one day but on the whole they run forever. My 1992 Rodeo has 307,000 and the original clutch just finally gave out. Other than that, I have changed the intake manifold gasket, front ball joints, tie rods, and two wheel bearings. It runs great, purrs like a kitten. And I'm not the only one. There are a lot of fans on www.planetisuzoo.com that have similar stories.
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Funny, whacked out, guys

These guys are funny and whacked, or should be, ha, ha, no, seriously, they're great.
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Stump the Chumps

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