#0314: Please, Keep Your Day Job

Apr 05, 2003
On this week's Car Talk, Tom and Ray regale their listeners with their singing. Thankfully it's usually reserved for the shower! And if their questionable musical talents weren't enough to put you in a sour mood, they launch into even more questionable car advice. Can Andras in TN handle the death notice for his F150? Then it's off to PA where Melissa and her mother are battling it out over the proper use of overdrive. And Sophia's mechanic is accusing her of an auditory hallucination. Is she nuts or is something really wrong with her Honda? Join us on this week's melodic hour of Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Bumper stickers.

This Week's Puzzler

Why didn't the birds fly into the feeder from the same direction?

Last Week's Puzzler

How did the police officer know the car accident was actually a homicide?

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