Magnifying Glass Mystery

Jun 18, 2016

RAY: This is from Malcolm Ross McDonald. To start this Puzzler, first get a sheet of plain white paper with no lines on it. Using a fountain pen with black ink, I'm going to write my signature on the paper -- anyplace on the paper. I'm also going to write something else on the paper which will be plainly visible.

When I look at my signature through the magnifying glass that I have, I'm not surprised to find out that it's enlarged. But when I look at the other thing, it isn't. The question is: What is the other thing?

RAY: I didn't write words or letters. By your definition, would drawing something be equivalent to writing?

TOM: Yeah, I would accept that.

RAY: What I drew was an angle. I drew two lines. So, for example, if I drew a thirty-six degree angle, the angle would not be enlarged.

TOM: That’s bogus. Because you have to draw the two lines that made the angle. And those lines were bigger!

RAY: But the angle didn’t get bigger. Do we have a winner?

TOM: The winner is Sam Wallace from Moreland, Georgia. Congratulations!

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