Why the General Motors - Peugeot Partnership Bodes Well for GM

Why the General Motors-Peugeot Partnership Bodes Well for GM
Horns will be replaced by mimes who silently act out road rage at bad drivers. 
Side-view mirrors will soon say, “Objects in mirror may or may not exist.”   
The new car smell will contain wafts of  stale cigarettes, pungent cheese and underarm odors. 
In gratitude, Peugeot’s going to agree to build a major manufacturing plant in the U.S.,  anywhere except Waterloo, Iowa.  
GM will introduce a new color for next year’s models:  Sacre´ bleu.  
From here on out, passenger head-room will be referred to as beret space.
All navigations systems will be voiced by Jerry Lewis.  (Hey laaaaady!   Turn left!) 
The French will teach U.S. car salesmen how to be more openly disdainful of their customers. 
The tachometers built by the French will count one revolution every 200 years. 
And finally, the must-have option for next year will be, what?   Buick’s new, in-dash fondue pot!