Puzzler Submission

Dear Click and Clack,

Well, there I am sitting in my dorm room Saturday afternoon whenthe phone rings. Hoping to find an attractive female on theother end, I was instead greeted by the sound of my dad'svoice. My initial disappointment, however, soon turned tosurprise when he informed me that a Puzzler I had sent in manyyears ago had been read on the air.

Baffled, I went to your Web site today to listen to the audiofile and to discover that he was indeed telling the truth. Youguys wanted to know where I am these days (no, I'm not marriedyet) so here is the lowdown:

In 1994 I was in junior high school (so I guess you guys weresort of right: you said elementary or high school).Now I am a freshman at Harvard College, right here in Your (andnow I guess mine too) Fair City, intending to concentrate ineither government, social studies or history. Eventually Ihope to go on to law school (I can see you guys grimacing rightnow as you read this).

I don't know if you guys were serious about wanting to talk tome, but if so, just e-mail me at shultz@fas.harvard.edu.

Also, if you want proof that I am not some imposter, I can tellyou that my home address is 67-72 Exeter St., Forest Hills, NY11375. Also, if memory serves, the answer to the Puzzler is thatthe helmets cause fewer fatalities, so the number of fatalitiesdecreases. However, shrapnel that would have killed a personwith a cloth helmet now merely injures them, so the number ofinjuries increases.

Finally, if you want to send a "graduation gift" (or at leastsome tacky Car Talk merchandise for having my Puzzler read on theair), you can send it to my campus address:

2331 Harvard Yard Mail Center
Cambridge, MA 02138-7513

Amused by this whole situation,

Benjamin Shultz
(yes, you read my Puzzler this week)

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