Out of the Woodwork: The Sylvia Poggioli Defenders

Larry Albertelli sent the following letter

Dear C&C,

I thinks it's about time I got this off my chest. You two cowboys have been misrepresenting NPR's Sylvia Poggioli for some time now. It's about time someone set the record straight. When Sylvia Poggioli accidentally tunes in an NPR station when you two clowns are on, she most definitely does not shake her head and say, "Mamma mia!" That is just too naive. A woman of the world like Sylvia Poggioli slaps herself on the forehead, raises her outstretched hand heavenward shaking it emphatically and exclaims, "Porca miseria! Ma chi sonoquesti cafoni?!" So, the next time you attempt to slander the poor woman's reputation, think twice about this much more likely reaction. I expect to hear an errata and an apology on this matter on the next show.

Yours truly,

One of your most loyal fans (all two of us),

Larry Albertelli

cc: Sylvia Poggioli