How Snorting Led to Marital Discord

From: Constanzia Ave Maria Blanca

Dear Tom and Ray,

I was THRILLED to hear my question, "Which one of you snorts?" answered on last week's show. I listen to the podcast version of your show and was able to replay it so my husband could listen to my intriguing question.

Well, now I am in trouble. While he found the situation rather funny, he was not happy that I used his name instead of my own. (I signed the original email "Wayne C.") I didn't want to use my name because I have friends who listen to your show (a desperate bunch we are, for sure) and I didn't want them to think I was so shallow or immature to want to know which one of you snorts.

But, I can't live with marital discord. Forget the fact that he is a retired, lazy bum whose greatest accomplishments of the day are to make me a latte using his fancy coffee machine and feeding our two good-for-nothing cats - he does love me and I don't have a line-up of replacements standing at the door to take his place.

So, I beg you to publicly announce my apology for using his name. He really doesn't care which one of you snorts and, frankly, doesn't even make an effort to listen to your show. I should have been brave enough to face the ridicule should anyone I know ever associate my name with a question on your show.

I hang my head in shame for trying to pass off my question using his name, for listening to your show, and for wondering which one of you snorts. This is a sad day for me.


Constanzia Ave Maria Blanca