Ho Family

From: Karl Zollinger

Listening to your show, I feel that I have finally found someone whose humor is lame enough to appreciate trying to identify the various members of the Ho Family. (A large number of college classroom hours was spent coming up with this list.)

  1. Famous Hawaiian singer
  2. Swiss milkmaid
  3. Salvation Army Santa Claus
  4. Marine General
  5. English Foxhunter
  6. New York City artist
  7. Wagon train leader
  8. Female potato grower
  9. SUV designer
  10. New Jersey longshoreman
  11. San Fransico 1970's flower child
  12. Native American twins
  13. Farm implement manufacturer


  1. Don Ho
  2. Heidi Ho
  3. Ho Ho
  4. Gung Ho
  5. Talley Ho
  6. So Ho
  7. Westward Ho
  8. Ida Ho
  9. Ta Ho
  10. Heave Ho
  11. Hi Ho
  12. Arapaho and Navaho
  13. Garden Ho


Hope you enjoy.
Karl Zollinger

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