Hahvahd & MIT

From: Jorge Angulo

Dear Click & Clack,

I recently moved to Central Square, inCambridge (our fair city), and this happened while shopping at a Shaw's near home.

I was in the '10 Items or Less' line, holding a basket with - obviously - less than10 items. The young man in front of me had a basket piled high with much more than this limit. So the girl at the register takes a long look at him, says: "Say... you must attend either Harvard or MIT."

"Wow," said the guy. "How did you know that?"

Without missing a beat, the girl replies: "Because this is a '10 Items or Less' line. And you either go to MIT, and can't read, or go to Harvard, and can't count."

I don't know anything about cars, and after 2 years of listening to you, I have realized that the show isn't really about cars. What is it about, you ask? Maybe I'll be able to answer that one in another two years of faithful listening. Keep up the good work.

Best regards,
Jorge Angulo

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