Grand Prix... in Jersey?

The association that controls Formula One racing has chosen a site for next year’s Grand Prix.  And it’s—get this—New Jersey!
Here’s our list of how the pit stops are going to be a bit more interesting this year. Add your suggestions below!
1. Drivers will always need exact change for the tollbooth on pit lane.
2. When a driver makes a stop for tires… the New Jersey pit crews will just take his wheels and leave. This makes the race more challenging when the driver has to negotiate to buy his wheels back.
3. Top drivers may be demoralized when they try to return to the track, and a guy driving a 30-year-old yellow cab refuses to let them cut in. 
4. Every fuel stop will be slower than usual due to four or five particularly aggressive squeegee guys. 
5. To make sure the pit crews are safe, the contractor has installed speed bumps…. Made of “former business associates.” 
6. Pit crews are required to check in with drivers before beginning any repairs by asking, “How you doin?” 
7. The traditional yellow warning flag has been replaced with a picture of a guy “sleepin’ wit da fishes.”