Goodbye My Coney Island Baby


I saw your photo on the Internet in the story about Jim Davis' last "lecture" (party) at Harvard, and I wonder if you could send me the lyrics to "Goodbye My Coney Island Baby?" Since itis the only song you know—I figure you must have the lyricsdown cold. A friend and I will try to sing it at our 50th reunion at UMass in June. He had a dream the other night that the two of us sang the song at the reunion, and we knew all the words! You can make that dream come true.

By the way, if you happen to be in Amherst, MA on Saturday, June7—you're both invited to have dinner with us at our 50th Reunion. We're a bunch of old curmudgeons and we'd probably give you a hard time—but then again, you're used to that. You would have plenty of fans there.I'm sending your photo to my brother in New Hampshire. He got me turned on to you, and I'm going to show him how "spiffy" you look in that high-class environment. Thanks for whatever help you can give me. Our whole entertainment program is depending on you!

Best regards,
Dave Flood

Here you go, Dave.
—Tom and Ray

(Maybe we'll sing it for you on the air so you can get the nuances of timbreand inflection which are so important in a song of this complexity)

—good bye my coney island baby
farewell my own true love (true love my honey)
I'm gonna go away and leave you
never to see you any (never gonna see you any)
I'm gonna sail upon that ferry boat
never to return again (again)
so goodbye
so long forever
boom boom
goodbye my Coney isle
boom boom

goodbye my coney isle

good bye my coney island babe

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