On Forgetting the Puzzler

From: Richard 'Dickie' Kluth

Mr. Ray,

I've listened to your radio program for a number of years now and I have never known Tommy to remember last week's puzzler. What an idiot I thought! Well, now with the miracle, or shall we say the curse, of podcasts I'm able to listen to back-to-back episodes of Car Talk.

I have just discovered that even with only a one-hour gap, I was NOT able to remember last week's puzzler (or in this case last hour's puzzler).

Does this mean I'm worse than Tommy? Or pray tell that overexposure to Car Talk can have a detrimental effect upon one's cerebral faculties? If I stop, is it reversible or am I doomed already?

Richard 'Dickie' Kluth
Pittsfield, MA