Driver's Test... Updated

1. While driving, where should your hands be placed on the wheel?

A) 10 and 2.
B) 9 and 3.
C) Close enough together so you can text.

2. Zig zagging through orange safety cones is a good way to

A) Get a ticket for reckless driving.
B) Injure an innocent construction worker.
C) Get really famous on Youtube.

3. When you hear a siren approaching from behind you, you should immediately do what?

A) Slow down so the emergency vehicle can easily pass you.
B) Signal, and pull over to the shoulder and stop.
C) Crank the volume way up on your blue tooth head set.

4. It is only permissible to drive the wrong way down a one-way street if

A) There's a clearly marked detour sign.
B) You are directed to by a police officer.
C) You can't program your GPS and shave at the same time.

5. At what point should you signal for a turn?

A) As soon as you decide to turn.
B) When you're 100 feet from the intersection.
C) When you have a moment between calls.

6. If you are ever stranded by the side of the road at night, you should immediately do what?

A) Turn on your hazard lights and call the state police.
B) Be sure to turn your engine off so you don't inhale exhaust fumes.
C) Call 1-800-mattress.

7. Active cruise control, pedestrian detection, and distance alert are all new technologies that:

A) Help drivers stay alert.
B) Activate the brakes when necessary without input from the driver.
C) Allow you to watch the deleted scenes from True Grit without having to pause your DVD player.