The "Check Wallet" Light

From: Jeremy Bell

After hearing yet *another* caller "forget" to tell you that the "Check Engine" light had been lit for weeks/months, it seems that manufacturers need to revise this whole concept.

Maybe otherwise intelligent people are ignoring these generic warning lights out of fear, uncertainty and doubt?

I suggest replacing the light with a series of escalating warnings:
- $100 light
- $500 light
- $2000 light
- "Stop somewhere dark and unscrew the number plates" light

Naturally, this will need some fine tuning for different vehicles: A Ferrari would start at $1500, a Yugo would have nothing above $39.99 and an MG would have lights randomly come on...

Jeremy Bell

P.S. My wife thinks this is a totally impractical idea - but when has that ever stopped you?


[ As Read on Car Talk]