Ann's Complaint About Nick's Camaro

From: Tim Blaser

Dear Click and Clack:

Your caller Ann complained that her husband Nick hogged up an entire HALF of their garage with his sometime to be restored old Camaro.

It reminded me of my marriage. When I was faced with the same complaint, I simply appealed to my wife's sense of fair play. I agreed to get rid of my 1971 Corvette, but in exchange, I asked my wife to get rid of her hundreds of out of style dresses, thousands of too small pants and blouses, and millions of slightly scuffed shoes that filled roughly 97% of the closet space in our house. Needless to say, my argument, while logical, was a complete non-starter. Sure, she got rid of some of the old clothes. But that only gave her room to buy more new stuff. (The fact that I reminded her that some ofthe old stuff was too small may have been a mistake, too.)

Well, at least I still have my beloved Corvette. And I finally got it running again. Of course, that's because I couldn't afford my other car once the terms of the divorce settlement were handed down. My car and I now live very snuggly together in an apartment that makes my old one-half of the garage look like the Taj Mahal. And my ex now has 3% more closet space to fill.

My advice to Nick: Sometimes discretion really is the better part of valor.


Lost the Argument, AND the War

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