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Moss Alley Motors

Seattle WA, 98122

I have taken several cars to Moss Alley over the years and have always had good service.

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Myers' European Auto Specialists

Tempe AZ, 85281

This place no longer exists. They are out of business!

Jaq's Garage

Moorhead MN, 56560

I bought a van from Midwest Motors and More next door but I had JAQ's do a pre-purchase inspection first. They told me a sway bar link was loose which costs $150 and a muffler hanger needed to be... read more

Hoffmann Automotive

Davis CA, 95618

I loved the inspection list (it showed what was satisfactory, what needed to be monitored, and what needed attention). I really appreciated the honesty about what absolutely needed to be done now and... read more


Louisville KY, 40202

I have a 2011 MINI Cooper Countryman S. Not realizing that when I got the car, that there are very few mechanics that know how to work on a MINI and when my car began to have issues, finding a... read more

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