Best Pep Boys Promos and Coupons - March 2020

Updated by Patricia Potter March 30, 2020

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Top Coupons

Coupon #1: $70 Rebate on Michelin Tires

Purchase a complete set of Michelin tires and earn up to $70 rebate.

  • Online-only
  • Valid until 04/06/2020

Get Deal: $70 Rebate on Michelin Tires

Coupon #2: Clearance Sale

Check different items at that are currently on sale. Shop online while supplies last.

  • Parts and accessories

Get Deal: Clearance Sale

Coupon #3: Shop for Car Care Products

Looking for products that you can use for taking care of your vehicle? Check the products offered by PepBoys.

  • Online-only

Get Deal: Shop for Car Care Products


Other Coupons

Coupon #4: Shop for Auto Parts

Need to replace a part on your vehicle? Check your options for the parts offered by PepBoys.

  • Online-only

Get Deal: Shop for Auto Parts

Coupon #5: Oil Change Service

Just schedule your oil change service with Pep Boys. And spend more time with your family.

  • Online-only
  • Valid until 03/28/2020

Get Deal: Oil Change Service

Coupon #6: Schedule a Service Appointment

Let the Pep Boys team help you with your auto services. Just set an appointment with them.

  • Online-only

Get Deal: Schedule a Service Appointment

Pep Boys FAQ

Are there other ways to save at Pep Boys?

If you’re not enrolled in the Pep Boys Rewards program, what are you waiting for? Just speak to a Pep Boys sales associate and they’ll sign you up for free. This will get you discounts on many routine maintenance jobs and when you buy anything, you gain discounts that can be used for future purchases.

Does Pep Boys price match?

Sorta. They will match local "everyday" prices but not special deals or sales of competitors. It is worth asking, but if you have a special deal from someone else, you may be out of luck.

How much does Pep Boys charge for oil changes?

Prices range from $30 to $75 depending on the amount of oil and type you need. There is nearly always a coupon available though. Check above to see if we have anyways for you to save.

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