Best Advance Auto Parts Coupons - June 2020

Updated by Patricia Potter on June 22, 2020

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Top Coupons

Coupon #1: Save $5 on Wipers with Orders over $25

Time to change your brakes and it is also the time to save a few bucks for your brake orders over $50

  • Valid until 06/29/2020
  • Copy and paste this code: SCW5DT6

Get Deal: Save $5 on Wipers with Orders over $25

Coupon #2: 15% Off on Accessory Orders Over $25

Make your car look good not only inside but also outside. For your purchase of over $40, you can enjoy a 15% discount.

  • Online-only offer
  • Valid until 06/29/2020
  • Copy and paste this code: SCA15T6

Get Deal: 15% Off on Accessory Orders Over $25

Coupon #3: 20% Off on Battery Orders Over $100

Enjoy the 20% savings on your online purchase for your battery orders over $100.

  • Online-only offer
  • Valid until 07/08/2020
  • Copy and paste this code: SCB20T6

Get Deal: 20% Off on Battery Orders Over $100


Other Coupons

Coupon #4: Free Shipping on all orders over $25

Make a purchase of $25 or more and enjoy free shipping at

  • No code needed.

Get Deal: Free Shipping on $25 or More

Coupon #5: Free Battery Installation

Free Battery installation with purchase on most automotive vehicles.

  • Online purchase

Get Deal: Free Battery Installation

Coupon #6: Free Battery Testing

Once you've installed a new battery, you can also have it tested for free! Not only the battery but the starter and alternator can be tested free of charge.

  • No expiration

Get Deal: Free Battery Testing

Advance Auto Parts Deals—How to Save

Coupons and promo codes are one thing. But if Advance Auto Parts is your go-to source for parts and service, here's how we’d approach saving a bit more money:

Earn rewards with Advance Auto Parts referrals

Want to earn rewards at Advance Auto Parts and get your friends big discounts on car care products, car batteries, tools, and automotive parts? With the Advance Auto Parts referrals program, you can do both.

To get started, just head to Advance Auto Parts, then scroll to the bottom of the page, where it says “Refer friends to Advance Auto Parts.” Click on the link, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can share your own unique referral code via email, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, or Twitter.

For each friend who spends $80 or more on an order, you’ll get a $10 gift card to Advance Auto Parts, and they’ll get a $30 discount on their first order. That’s a win-win.

Get 20% off your next order with email signup

Can’t find an Advance Auto Parts coupon code that’s right for you? Don’t worry. If you’re a first-time shopper, you can get a 20% off Advance Auto Parts discount code for signing up for its email list.

To get started, head to the Advance Auto Parts website. Then, a pop-up window will appear, offering you a 20% discount. Enter your email address in the text box, and click “Activate My Discount.” Your Advance Auto Parts coupon will be sent directly to your email address. You’ll also be eligible for future discounts and promotions that are exclusive to subscribers.

Join the Speed Perks Reward Program

The Speed Perks membership is the best way to get rewarded every time you shop at Advance Auto Parts. You can join online or at any Advance Auto Parts store. Once you join, you’ll get:

  • A $5 reward on your next qualifying purchase of $20 or more when you spend at least $30 in a single transaction
  • A $20 reward on your next qualifying purchase of $50 or more when you spend at least $100 in a single transaction

Your rewards will be sent to you directly via email or SMS and can be used on both regular-priced and sale items. Use your rewards with an Advance Auto Parts promo code and save even more on your next purchase.

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