Teen Drivers


Ever caught your teen committing a driving faux pas?

No? That's because you're at work, trying to pay for the insurance while he's riding up some poor old lady's bumper and yakking on his cell phone.

Teens are one of the most accident-prone groups on the road. And, though you'd like to think otherwise, chances are your kid is no different.

Our Click & Clack tickets for Teen Driving Violations are for parents to hand out as needed. We couldn't help having a little fun with them, but the intent is serious. Of course young drivers need to know when they've crossed the line from legal to illegal on the roads. But they also need to know when they've crossed the line from decent human being to dangerous moron. As a parent, it's your job to tell them when that is.

A safe driving violation should have consequences. We've intentionally left that part of the ticket blank. Each family will have different ground rules. What's important, however, is for families to sit down and have that conversation - before junior grabs the keys to the Porsche. Or the Escort.

Remember your first year of driving? Good. Then you'll understand why you should make plenty of copies of these tickets - and consider yourself deputized by yours truly to write up your offspring early and often, in the interest of public safety.

Tom and Ray Magliozzi
Click & Clack, the Tappet Brothers

Download Violations (PDF)

> Distracted Driving
> Moving Violation
> Unsafe Driving Conditions
> Parking Offense
> Failure to Live a Good, Clean Life
> Driving Discourteously
> Felonious Behavior

> Help! I Need All the Violations