Stripper Name or Car Paint?

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Guest Bloggers | Aug 02, 2013

By Jim Hanna

Our pals over at recently posted  this story about a new, magenta-colore d Chevrolet Sonic  . As they point out, though, Chevy isn't the worst offender these days, either, and they've got the pictures to prove it, too.

The color "Magenta Sonic" is sure to win you a pint or two in the game, "Stripper Name-or-Car Paint". (General Motors photo)

Diplomatically impaired compared to our friends in Chicago, we here at Car Talk Plaza went ahead and decided to ask you to pick a winner.

Vote for your least favorite car color right here.

Now, I have to confess, I have a touch of color-blindness. I saw Blue Man Group in Las Vegas and the show could just as well have been called 8 Bald Guys. Therefore, a sincere thanks to whoever makes the color decisions at the car companies. Even my deadbeat pigment detector has to acknowledge a kick to the vision ribs that is a Chevy Spark in Hot Pink. And when it comes to the bar game Stripper Name-Or-Car Paint?, "Magenta Sonic" lands me a free Guinness every time. The insane Mopars of the '70s came in colors like Plum Crazy, Go Mango, and Hey-Look-I'm-A-Moron-With-Money-Green, and I loved them, so I'm all for a Ford Fiesta that looks like a rolling margarita, I just wish you could salt the rim with a 426 Hemi.

These Mopars from the 1970s, found in the Wellborn Muscle Car Museum, look like a pack of Skittles. (Dodge photo)

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