Selling Your Car: Resources

Automotive Lease Guide
Find residual values for all vehicles and models.
Learn if your vehicle passes a Lemon Check, has been salvaged or was used as a rental car with CarFax Vehicle History Services.
Cars of Particular Interest Value Guide
Search values for special-interest or collectible cars.
Consumer Sentinel
Get advice from this international law enforcement fraud-fighting program.
Secure your transactions with this online escrow service.
European Anti-Fraud Office
Get help if you're a victim of fraud in Europe.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
Find advice on how to avoid being the victim of a scam or counterfeit check problem.
Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection
Contact this agency if you've been victimized by fraud.
Hemmings Motor News
Find values for special-interest or collectible cars.
National Association of Attorneys General
Find a list of all 50 state attorney general offices. Contact the consumer protection division to report fraud.
National Automobile Dealers Association
Find retail used-car values.
National Consumers League
Get tips on using escrow services online.
National Fraud Information Center
Find information about internet and telemarketing fraud.
U.S. Department of Justice
Contact the Internet Fraud Division if you've been victimized.
U.S. Postal Service
Use the Mail Fraud Complaint Form to report frauds committed via U.S. mail.
U.S. Secret Service
Get information on check and currency scams from the Counterfeit Division.
Suggestions for selling a classic car
When the urgent financial obligations of the family simply must be met immediately, it is often the classic, vintage, or collectible car that goes on the chopping block.
Secret Tricks of Car Salesmen
Ever wonder about the sordid, industry tactics car dealers use to get you to sign on the bottom line?

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