Point, Counterpoint

photo courtesy of MyLifeStory @ creative commons

Junkyards — oops — we mean "recyclers" — suffer from an image problem. For example, when you think of salvage yards, do you think of rabid attack dogs? We thought so. 

Not all of that reputation is undeserved. But a lot of it is. 

So, what's the truth? Somewhere in the middle, is our humble opinion.

Topic: Salvage Yards And Real Estate Values

Our Point: Junkyards are — how do we put this diplomatically? — not usually located in the posh zip codes.

The Recycler PR guys will tell you: Most junkyards provide clean, computerized search rooms, along with cappuccino and paintings of stately Victorian women.

Topic: Junkyards... and Canine Domesticae

Our Point: You don't really think that it was by chance that Jim Croce used the line, "Meaner than a junkyard dog," now do you?

The Recycler PR guys will tell you: : Those days are gone. Most recyclers use only AKC-registered Bernese Mountain dogs.

Topic: Employee Career Histories

Our Point: Be polite around salvage yard employees. Many are wrench-wielding ex-cons.

The Recycler PR guys will tell you: : Valet parking, tuxedoed servers, and some foi gras with that ’98 Camry rear end, sir?

Topic: Parts Management Protocols

Point: Sure, some recyclers are good about sorting parts. But, others will still send you packing to the back forty, to scrouge through a Mount Everest of rusted parts.

The Recycler PR guys will tell you: : Recyclers meticulously sorts each and every car part they receive and stocks them in alphabetical order... and then by VIN number.

Topic: Recycler Pricing Policies

Point: Like any other business, there are dubious characters who will do anything to make an extra buck. Or three hundred.

The Recycler PR guys will tell you: Some recyclers will give away any small parts, or just charge you a buck or two.

Topic: Getting Assistance With The Part You Need

Point: The fact is, most of the time you're out of luck if you show up at a recycler and don't know what part you need.

The Recycler PR guys will tell you: Most recyclers have nothing to do all day, since the entire recycling business is computer automated, so they're happy to spend all day diagnosing customers' cars.