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Guest Bloggers | Oct 15, 2013

By Jim Hanna

Being a big fan of motorcycles, I was pleased to take on the task of selling a friend's 2009 Ducati Multistrada-S. For those of you unfamiliar with exotic Italian two-wheelers, "Multistrada" is an Italian word meaning "many roads", and "Ducati" is an Italian word meaning "many tickets".

If the CHP issued citations for sheer bravado and road swagger, this Ducati would have a lot more than just speeding tickets to its name. (Jim Hanna photo)

Five minutes after being passed on a sweeping Mulholland Hwy curve by a leathered-up gaggle of TRON reenactors, I was pulled over by a CHP officer driving a spanking new Ford Explorer Police Interceptor. "Mr. Hanna… blah, blah, 62 in a 55, blah, blah". While he looked at my license, I asked him if his vehicle was so new the break-in period prevented it from pursuing real speeders. He let out a huge belly laugh in the form of a monotone "is this your current address?" Then he said he'd be right back with my ticket in such an oddly bouncy Olive Garden way, I thought he might bring breadsticks with it.

No debate, I was going over the posted speed limit, and he did his job, but what prompted it? I've ridden that route over a hundred times, on a Yamaha, two Hondas, a Harley and a BMW, most often between 60-65, and never once been pulled over. Hmmm, could it be… (cue, The Church Lady), the Ducati?

Whereas the Japanese bikes buzzed, the Harley burbled and the BMW hummed, the Ducati sounds like a hit man screaming "Bafangu!" With that audible challenge, the vampire white body and the custom painted red stiletto w-heels, this bike definitely invites -- er, begs for -- no, demands scrutiny.

Speaking of which, c'mon over and take a look, the ticket and breadsticks are on me.

Ducati for sale: speeding ticket and breadsticks included. (Jim Hanna photo)

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