Listing Your Car

Woman looking at computer in cafe

Now you're finally ready to sell your car!

But, how do you list your car for sale?

These days, it's pretty easy. You can do it right online, as well as in your local newspaper.

Be sure to list the vital signs for your car: make, model, year, and number of miles. Next, mention the things you consider to be most attractive. Is it in superb condition? Do you have all repair records? New fuzzy dice? A 5,000 watt Blaupunkt stereo? Has it had a recent service, or a significant repair recently accomplished?

Next, what are the attributes that you think a customer would find most appealing about this model? Does it get 40 MPG? Does it drive well in snow? Can it tow the QEII without breaking into a sweat?

Advertise whatever you think is most positive about the car - or what you think a potential buyer would find most attractive.

You can also list your car through smaller, local newspapers, on Ebay Motors or Freebo, which is similar to Craigslist, but, in our humble opinion, does a much better job of filtering out scam artists and fraud.

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