It's Not a Cream Puff...

Staff Blog

Staff Blog | Mar 07, 2013

... it's a cupcake.

When you have fans as witty and clever as ours, you take certain risks showing up at work. We asked you to caption this photo and, well, some of your responses made us spit our capucinos into our laps. (We'll be sending you the dry cleaning bill.)

Here are our favorites!
 File this under, "Have to see it to believe it, but even then . . . ""Hey, does your suspension feel spongy too?" --Jonathan M.

"Our first car was a lemon, so my wife and I decided to go for something much sweeter!" --Emily D.

And our personal favorite . . .

"Those darn kids must've put sugar in our gas tanks again!" --Eileen W.

Thanks for playing! Think you can do better? Share your caption suggestion in the comments. If you make us laugh loud enough to startle our napping office dogs, we'll feature you in an upcoming blog post.

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