Is it ever acceptable to drive a car until it...

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Jun 01, 1994

Dear Tom and Ray:

Is it ever acceptable to drive a car until it breaks down and then decide whether or not to repair it? I own an '83 Ford Escort which needs about $1,200 in repairs on the engine and transmission. I have been told to just drive it until it dies, and then decide whether it is feasible or desirable to fix it. My husband agrees with this advice, although I think his judgement is somewhat colored by the fact that this is my car, and he doesn't have to drive it. I feel very uncomfortable driving this car. My husband and I have agreed to abide by your arbitration. What do you say?

TOM: We side with your husband, Liela. This car SHOULD be driven until it dies.

RAY: However, it ought to be driven until then by your husband, since he thinks this is such a marvelous idea.

TOM: Yeah. Tell him when the Escort dies, THEN you'll give him back his Acura Legend. I'll think you'll see him reconsider his position very quickly.

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