Sputtering and couging while pressing the gas pedal? Check the fuel filter & pump.

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Feb 01, 1996

Dear Tom and Ray:

I have a 1983 Volvo 240 with automatic transmission and 98,000 miles. When I give it gas to accelerate it sputters and coughs like it won't take gas. If I pull over and wait for a while, it seems to catch up and run alright. Can you suggest anything?

RAY: So what's the problem, Chris?

TOM: Since you haven't tried anything, we'll start with the basics. You're either not getting enough fuel, or you're not getting enough spark.

RAY: And since it gets better after you sit by the side of the road for a few minutes, I'm going to guess it's a fuel problem, because if the spark were bad, it probably wouldn't improve with time.

TOM: So I'd look at either the fuel filter or the fuel pump. Actually, I'd look at both. Have your mechanic change the filter and test the fuel pump pressure. I'd bet my brother's salary this week that what you need is a new fuel pump. Good luck, Chris.

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