Hybrid Electric Vehicles

In case you haven't noticed, hybrid cars are everywhere these days. Once just the domain of the fermented bean sprouts and Birkenstocks' set, hybrids are now a real option for the average new car buyer. Many manufacturers offer at least one or two hybrid vehicles, and the rest of them are scurrying to add some ... so that they don't appear to be dinosaurs. Ford's new C-MAX utility vehicle comes in two flavors, and they're both hybrids.

But... is it true that "a hybrid is a hybrid is a hybrid"? (No.) What are the different types of hybrids out there? (Full hybrid, mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid, bogus hybrid.) What are the advantages and disadvantages? (Bogus hybrids are cheaper!) Which one is right for you? (Read more to find out.) Want to impress your friends with all the facts at your next vegan pot-luck? (Okay, that was a cheap shot.)

We've got all the answers right here.

Yours in fully charged batteries,

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