Alternatives to a Private Sale

So, a private sale isn't for you...In that case, here are a few options for you to part with your car:

Trade it
Trade it in towards your next car. You'll get significantly less money, but there will be far fewer hassles.
Donate it
Donate it to support your local NPR station via the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program. You'll get a tax deduction, and your local NPR station will get the proceeds from the sale of the car.
Now in 35 states, Carmax is a relatively hassle-free way to get the trade-in value of your car, without having to buy a car from the same folks.
Try a broker, who will sell the car for you for a commission. You still own the car, of course, but they handle everything about the sale for you, from advertising through negotiating the sale. You'll pay an average of 6% of the sale price, and your car needs to be registered and insured for road tests. You're removed from the selling process, but, legally speaking, you're still the seller. Using a broker won't remove you from any legal liability as a seller.
Independent mechanics
In some cases, your local independent mechanic might even advertise it for you, or sell your car for a commission.
If you're really lucky, you might be able to find a trustworthy friend who will handle some or all of these steps for you.

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