Car Talk Test Drive Notes

Read reviews from Car Talk test drivers.

All About Electric Vehicles

Everything you ever wanted to know about electric vehicles, including explainers, FAQs, a buying guide and much more.

Secret Tricks of Car Salesmen

Car Talk goes undercover and gets the inside scoop, from operative "Deep Plaid."

Hybrid Vehicles

What's a hybrid?  How do they work?  Should you buy one?  Answers here.

Car Complaints

Ever wonder what problems others are having with your car? Find out now!

Car Talk's Guide to Alternative Fuels

Tired of the petro-industrial complex?  Get the lowdown on ethanol, biodiesel, and straight vegetable oil.

Car Talk Auto Advisor

Need help picking your next car?  Our human-vehicle matching quiz helps you narrow down the options.

Buying Cars Safely on Craigslist

Craigslist can be a great way to buy a used car, but there are some basic safety tips to keep in mind that apply to buying cars privately, regardless of the source.

The Economics of Buying a Luxury Car

Luxury cars used to have exclusive features, but these days many basic models have heated seats, stability control, active headlamps, and killer infotainment systems. Why buy luxury?

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