What Were They Thinking?

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Guest Bloggers | Nov 26, 2014

Too lazy to go to the L.A. Auto Show ourselves, we promptly deputized our pal Motorhead Mama, who came back wondering,  "What were they thinking?!"

It's a good question. See what she means:

Audi shows off their exciting new A3 e-tron, but sadly its plug-in location is about as intuitive as putting a Q-tip in your nostrils.
How about the Mitsubishi concept XR-PHEV? It’s so conceptual that you’re going to have to think your way in, because it looks like they forgot door handles.
Mercedes clearly didn’t think through putting an unlocked G wagon on the show floor. Now every Valley Girl needs a selfie with this Beverly Hills shopping cart! #OMG! 
Right in the lobby, a stereo company picks the god awful Chevy SSR to show off their systems. And to think there are 11 Lamborghinis in the basement…
What was Toyota thinking, putting the driver of this classic Toyota FJ  in a blue leisure suit?  The kind of guy that drove an FJ in the 60s probably used guys like that for target practice.
This poor Jeep Renegade looks like someone poked it in the eye..ouch!
Saleen’s S7 Twin Turbo has more intakes than the IRS. And it doubles as a cheese grater!

All photos courtesy of Motorhead Mama.

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