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Nov 01, 2009

Are "recycled" oil filters a scam?

Dear Car Talk

I notice that car businesses that lube and change oil for passenger cars are now charging for recycling oil filters. Is this a scam, since I never see "recycled" oil filters for sale? Personally, I think oil filters would be...

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Greener options for hybrid batteries.
Oct 01, 2009

Today: greener options for hybrid batteries.

Dear Car Talk

In looking at "green" options for the future, I have a question about the environmental impact of disposing of hybrid car batteries. We live on the Big Island of Hawaii, and currently -- to our knowledge, anyway -- they do...

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Can you use an engine to dispose of organic chemicals
Aug 01, 2009

Can your car's engine be used to dispose of organic chemicals?

Dear Car Talk

When I was in college during the late 1980s, I remember one of my chemistry professors telling me that he disposed of organic chemical waste by just pouring it in his gas tank and burning it along with the gasoline...

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should an engine be cleaned by me, a professional, or not at all
Apr 01, 2003

How can I clean my engine in an environmentally responsible manner?

Dear Car Talk

Automobile engines get dirty as they age I would like to clean my engine but I am concerned that the water and strong chemicals might damage electronic components as well as rubber and plastic components and that lubricants in the...

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Nov 01, 1996

Ideas for protecting the environment from all the nasty solvent chemicals used to clean engines.

Dear Car Talk

After years of reading your most excellent entertaining informative column I'm faced with a dilemma of potentially profound environmental significance Although my problem vehicle is a motorcycle the solution should certainly apply to any car owners who clean the grease...

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Aug 01, 1995

Saving money while Mother Nature picks up the tab.

Dear Car Talk

Here's an oil recycling idea My work car burns one quart of oil per week When I change the oil in my new family car I save the oil and pour it into the old oil burner Am I eco-friendly...

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Dec 01, 1988

How do you properly dispose of used oil?

Dear Car Talk

Evan has started changing his own oil and he wants to make sure he's disposing of the used oil correctly. Tom and Ray explain how to dispose of oil safely and legally. As a bonus, they share some of Ray's top-secret hair tips.

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