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Dec 01, 2002

Is my overheated engine covered under my extended warranty?

Dear Car Talk

I was driving to work recently and my car overheated which caused the engine to smoke and fail I received no warning The temperature gauge did not go up and no lights came on But my extended-warranty company is refusing...


Oct 01, 2002

What do I do for repairs now that Daewoo has closed up shop in the USA?

Dear Car Talk

I am the not-so-proud owner of a Daewoo Leganza As you probably know Daewoo has recently undergone a series of name changes Daewoo Daewoe Daewho and now Daegone Currently the car has miles on it runs well and is worth...

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Apr 01, 2002

The difference between factory and extended warranties.

Dear Car Talk

I read your article about the study you did in which dealers charged more for the same repairs than independent shops But I have a question I have a competent mechanic who I have used on my vehicles for years...


Jul 01, 2001

Why are dealerships so reluctant to do warranty repairs?

Dear Car Talk

I've been reading your column for a long time and I've noticed an interesting pattern in the questions I see a lot of dealerships trying to wait out customers on repairs that should be done under warranty I was under...

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Jun 01, 2001

How to make sure that the transmission that's almost failing now gets covered by your warranty in the future.

Dear Car Talk

Please help me before my -year -mile warranty runs out I have a Dodge Grand Caravan All-Wheel Drive with miles on it The car drives fine but I believe it has a transmission problem in the making Dodge dealers have...

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May 01, 2001

What do you think about the "certified pre-owned" programs that dealers brag about?

Dear Car Talk

What's the real skinny on this manufacturer's certified pre-owned business that dealers sell I know they talk about inspection points that they rigorously put their cars through What do you guys think of this scheme It seems somewhat safer than...

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Feb 01, 2001

Who's at fault: the warranty company, the dealer, or Ford?

Dear Car Talk

AutoNation sold me a Ford F- with -inch wheels and a -inch spare I never knew this until I blew my front differential to bits I was about miles from the nearest town when I had to put on the...

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Oct 01, 2000

Are there any good reasons for having a dealership garage maintain your car?

Dear Car Talk

I just bought a Ford Focus The dealership is bugging me to start making appointments for maintenance I have been going to an independent garage that I trust and I'd like to let them take care of this car Are...

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Jul 01, 2000

WIll installing aftermarket parts void a vehicle's warranty?

Dear Car Talk

I am writing in response to a recent letter from the owner of a Dodge Dakota who wanted to add some performance parts to his vehicle a K N air filter Flowmaster exhaust performance chip high-performance plugs wires cap and...

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Apr 01, 2000

I'm considering some modifcations to my engine to get more horsepower. Good idea?

Dear Car Talk

Earlier this year I purchased a new Dodge Dakota Sport pickup with the liter V- Magnum engine and five-speed transmission I would like to make some minor modifications to the engine to increase the horsepower but I'm not sure if...

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