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Dec 01, 1992

What might it cost me to fix this power steering fluid leak?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Chevrolet Malibu In the last two months I have been losing power steering fluid I have had to add fluid every two or three weeks I have been looking under the car for leaks or spots but...

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Nov 01, 1992

How can I tighten the steering on my Cadillac Coupe DeVille?

Dear Car Talk

I just acquired a Cadillac Coupe DeVille It is in great shape However there is too much play in the steering wheel How can this be corrected Ben RAY There s play in the wheel and you think something s...


Sep 01, 1992

The case of the smoking steering column.

Dear Car Talk

Occasionally when I start my Chevrolet Beretta a little puff of white smoke comes out of the steering column right behind the steering wheel This only happens when start ing the car and not every time It's not dust Do...

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Mar 01, 1991

A First? Car Talk saves Gary money

Dear Car Talk

Thanks I would like to express my appreciation for your article on General Motors power steering problems The problem you described difficult steering for a few minutes when the car is cold was exactly what I had experienced with my...

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Dec 01, 1990

Thank you for the good work!

Dear Car Talk

This letter is to thank you for your column on GM power steering problems I too was having a problem with the steering on my Chevrolet Cavalier wagon It was just as you described it was hard to turn the...

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May 01, 1990

GMPSS: an American car ailment?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Oldsmobile When I back out of my garage I have to turn right and then left to avoid hitting the house Since Christmas these turns have been hard to do Also when I leave the car parked...

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