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Sep 01, 1998

Is it safe to remove the power steering from a car?

Dear Car Talk

My girlfriend and I read your column all the time Lately we've been trying to come up with an easy and convenient way to get more exercise I started wondering Is it safe to remove the power steering from a...

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May 01, 1998

Advice on switching a Ford Pinto's steering column to manual steering.

Dear Car Talk

I live right in New York I've got a Ford Pinto Wagon that came from Florida It's in very good shape ugly green though To me it's worth fixing but to a limit Right now I'm driving it with no...

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Apr 01, 1998

Is the "GM Morning Sickness" that's causing my steering problem a safety issue?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Olds Cutlass Ciera with a steering problem My mechanic tells me it's GM Morning Sickness where the steering is very stiff first thing in the morning but loosens up after five or minutes I got a free...

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Nov 01, 1996

Time for a new power steering pump.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Chrysler HEMI After replacing one hose on the power- steering system a loud moaning and groaning developed It's a steady noise while the motor is running and the car is in Park While I am driving the...

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Nov 01, 1996

Pre-'94 Camry owners should ask their dealers to install an "anti-vibration kit". They'll know what you mean.

Dear Car Talk

been built by Jerry Lee Lewis since it sure has a Whole Lot of Shakin' Goin' On when I sit in traffic or at a red light Using the air conditioner really aggravates the vibration My mechanic is a Patsy...

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Sep 01, 1996

Toyota is finally offering a solution to pre-'94 Camry owners with vibration in the steering column.

Dear Car Talk

A while ago you got a letter from a guy named Richard complaining about his Toyota Camry with a four-cylinder engine He said the whole steering column vibrated when he stopped at a light with the car in Drive You...

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Apr 01, 1996

Is it possible to turn a steering wheel too far?

Dear Car Talk

I own a vehicle that has power steering A few of my friends while driving my vehicle get into situations that require them to turn the steering wheel until it can't be turned anymore But they insist on trying to...


Dec 01, 1995

A classic case of GMPSS: General Motors Power Steering Syndrome

Dear Car Talk

I have a Chevy Cavalier When the temperature outside gets into the s or colder the power steering will feel like it's not working for about seconds After that time it seems to warm up and work normally This problem...

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Aug 01, 1995

Why is the dealer's quote so much lower on a rack and pinion job?

Dear Car Talk

I've been told I need a rack and pinion job on my ' Honda Prelude I was quoted by a local repair shop for the parts only Surprisingly the Honda dealer quoted me for parts AND labor the parts portion...

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Mar 01, 1995

Is it safe to put transmission fluid into the power steering reservoir?

Dear Car Talk

My neighbor Mike and I are backyard mechanics Mike has forgotten more about automobiles than I will ever know Mike says that you can use automatic transmission fluid ATF in your power steering system I say that only applies to...

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