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why is my steering wheel locking up for no reason
Aug 01, 2005

My steering wheel locks and the dealer won't fix it. What do I do?

Dear Car Talk

The steering wheel on my Acura RSX has locked on me while driving three times now I took it in to the dealership and they could not find anything wrong and thus were unable to fix it I have to...

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when is vibration in a car steering column ok
Sep 01, 2004

Steering wheel vibration while stopped is common in 4-cylinder engines.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Mitsubishi Galant with only miles on it I have recently noticed that the steering wheel vibrates even when the car is sitting at a stoplight I took it to the dealer and he said the vibration is...

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is it safe to disconnect power steering instead of shelling out to repair it
May 01, 2004

Looking for a straight answer about repairing power steering.

Dear Car Talk

My son has an ' Ford Escort wagon with about miles on it His recent visits to two different mechanics read like an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm One said You went to that guy And the other said You...

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will holding the steering wheel in the at lock position really damage it
Oct 01, 2003

Will holding the wheel at "lock" damage the power steering on my new VW Passat?

Dear Car Talk

I just bought a VW Passat and actually read the owner's manual I'm curious about its comments on power steering The manual claims that holding the steering wheel at lock for more than seconds could damage the power-steering unit I...

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why is my steering wheel harder to turn than everyone else's
Feb 01, 2003

When a big guy like me can't turn the steering wheel with one hand...

Dear Car Talk

I have a Ford Thunderbird LX with a V- that has only miles on it I keep seeing people pull in and out of parking spaces using only one hand on the steering wheel I have to use two hands...


why does temperature seem to affect my power steering
Jan 01, 2003

Steering freezes up on cold mornings.

Dear Car Talk

I've got a problem I'm sure you guys can help me fix The power steering on my Volvo Wagon doesn't seem to work on cold mornings The steering is very stiff until I reach the first traffic light on the...


does differential oil need to be changed and how much should it cost
Jan 01, 2003

Just because fluids are dirty it doesn't necessarily mean they need to be replaced.

Dear Car Talk

I recently took my Dodge Ram conversion van in for an oil change The shop did a full-service check of all my fluids and put a sample of each on a plastic card to compare the colors with those of...

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Nov 01, 2002

Oil in the power-steering-fluid reservoir: how bad is it?

Dear Car Talk

I hope you can help a beleaguered father I need to know how deeply I am mired in you-know-what I gave my -year-old son my old Isuzu Trooper when I got a new vehicle I knew that even though it...

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Nov 01, 2001

Why does my battery light come on and my steering fail after driving through a puddle?

Dear Car Talk

Today I was driving to work in a nasty rainstorm As I was driving over the large puddles of water collecting on the roadway something strange happened The red battery light on my dashboard lit up and I had a...

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Jun 01, 2001

Why does my Honda CR-V have an off-center steering wheel?

Dear Car Talk

I just bought a new Honda CR-V As I drove away from the dealership I discovered that the steering wheel is canted slightly to the left so that the left side of the wheel is farther away from me than...

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