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Oct 01, 1997

Could the shock I get when closing the door of my Geo Metro be to do with the lightening ball I was hit with years ago?

Dear Car Talk

My Geo Metro miles gives me a nasty shock whenever I get out and close the door Oooww Is something wrong with it It has done this occasionally for years but lately it seems worse Could it have something to...

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Jun 01, 1997

I constantly get zapped when I get out of my cars when the humidity is low.

Dear Car Talk

I constantly get zapped when I get out of my cars when the humidity is low Is there any way of stopping this short of dragging a chain from my undercarriage like the old fuel trucks used to do yeah...

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May 01, 1997

Getting a shock from your car? Your tires might be to blame.

Dear Car Talk

I've heard that you both graduated from MIT in Mechanical Engineering If this is true then we have that in common But I hope we don't have my car problem in common My car builds up a static charge And...

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May 01, 1996

Why am I getting a shock every time I touch my truck's door?

Dear Car Talk

Dodge Dakota and whenever I leave the truck I get a shock when I touch the door This is really starting to tick me off Other than wearing a rubber suit and gloves what can I do -- Duke RAY...

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Mar 01, 1995

How can I avoid generating so much static electricity in my car during winter months?

Dear Car Talk

How do you stop the Charge you get when you slide out of your car on winter days The spark from me to the first metal object usually the driver's door can jump about six inches Steve RAY C'mon Steve...

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Nov 01, 1994

Everytime I get out of my VW Jetta I get...

Dear Car Talk

Everytime I get out of my VW Jetta I get zapped when I touch any part of the car's body Is there anything I can do about this annoying problem How long must I suffer Bernie TOM Gee Bernie that's...

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