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Sep 01, 1993

Is it reall possible for a starter to draw 125 AND 400 amps during two different tests?

Dear Car Talk

I own a Chrysler Cordoba My deceased husband was a good mechanic However like the proverbial shoemaker never repairing his own shoes my husband was negligent in doing his own mechnical work Consequently the car needed worth of work recently...


Mar 01, 1993

Safety features on starters would be a no-brainer.

Dear Car Talk

Why don't starters have a safety feature on them which would prevent them from engaging once the engine is already started It seems to me that this feature would be fairly easy to implement I'm convinced that I ruined the...


Sep 01, 1990

Beverly'The "no-start" phase

Dear Car Talk

I own a Nissan small pick-up with an automatic transmission Overall performance and experience with the vehicle have been good But about one year into ownership the truck began entering no-start phases which come about once a month or so...

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Mar 01, 1990

Your mechanic is raking you over the coals.

Dear Car Talk

I have a ' station wagon that I use to take senior citizens to doctors' offices and hospitals Many times over the last three months when I turn the ignition it just clicks The mechanic has installed new plugs new...

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