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Sep 01, 1996

Your radio reception changes are due to either an electrical issue or a mechanical one. Here are some things you can test.

Dear Car Talk

I think I may have you both stumped but I hope not I have a Ford Taurus When driving with the radio on in the AM mode I get nothing but static However as soon as I apply the brakes...

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Apr 01, 1996

How do I get a tape out of my dad's tape deck?

Dear Car Talk

My name is James and I'm nine years old My father has a Jaguar XJ Vanden Plas He got a tape stuck in the tape player and he can't get it out It is a Philips tape player I am...

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Nov 01, 1993

Radio on or off while starting the engine?

Dear Car Talk

My husband says that the car radio should be turned off when the car is being started Would you please tell me if it makes any difference Thank you Betty RAY Gee Betty this sounds like one of those classic...

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Sep 01, 1993

Is it just me or has AM radio reception gotten worse?

Dear Car Talk

Why is reception on my AM car radio so poor The last two cars I've owned an ' Sterling and a ' Taurus had wiring that enabled me to listen to my spark plugs and windshield wipers on the radio...

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Nov 01, 1992

Ted has another idea about what could be causing static on the radio when applying the brakes.

Dear Car Talk

I m writing in response to Gene's question about static on the radio when he applies the brakes I would check for rusty tail light sockets I have a Firebird which also experienced static on the radio when I...

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Aug 01, 1992

Does using a car radio burn through more gas?

Dear Car Talk

My husband insists that driving with the car radio on uses extra gasoline except when the baseball games are on If the gas tank gets low he says we will run out of gas sooner if the radio is on...

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Sep 01, 1990

This week--a radio that loses its memory more than my brother!

Dear Car Talk

I have a 1987 Acura Legend that I enjoy tremendously But I have a strange problem that has recurred four times The original-equipment radio periodically loses its memory of the stations and three equalizer settings that I program into it The...

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Aug 01, 1990

Is removing a stereo so difficult?

Dear Car Talk

Occasionally the drive belts in the tape deck of my ' LeSabre come off I think I could replace the belts if I could get the stereo out of the dash The recommended repair shop charges and keeps the car...

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Feb 01, 1990

A radio that only plays country music...

Dear Car Talk

I have a problem with the digital radio on my Mazda On occasion it blanks out I lose the FM stations and it appears to lose all power When it dies the tape deck will still play and I can...

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Nov 01, 1989

Antenna woes...

Dear Car Talk

We have a lovely old ' Cadillac that suits our needs and comfort just fine We have one problem The car's antenna is in the windshield Since we got a new windshield years ago the radio reception has diminished so...

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