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Car won't start after driving cross country
Jul 16, 2013

Did a Loose Ground Ground Charlie's Ford Escape?

Dear Car Talk

Charlie took his Ford Escape on a cross-country trip and after stopping for gas on the way back, it refused to start back up. They had it towed to a service station where it miraculously started and behaved just fine for the rest of the trip. Now Charlie's wondering what went wrong and if it will happen again. Read Tom and Ray's advice for Charlie, right here.

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Damage from rag left by mechanic
Dec 06, 2011

Today: The shop that messed up should pay up.

Dear Car Talk

Lily's "check engine" light illuminated a few weeks after a Jiffy Lube oil change. Can you guess what her mechanic found when she took her 2008 Subaru Impreza in to the dealer?

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Truck won't start in cold weather
Mar 01, 2011

Today: things to check when your ride won't start in the cold.

Dear Car Talk

I have a 1993 Dodge Ram Charger that is currently in the shop, where it spends most of its time. Since it's big, has four-wheel drive and is set up for a plow, we figured it would be a good winter...

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tailpipe deposits
May 01, 2010

Can you tell how healthy your car is, by checking its tailpipe?

Dear Car Talk

When I was a kid doing my own tune-ups, I understood that the color of the deposits in the very end of the tailpipe was an indicator of how well-tuned the car was. Tan-colored deposits were good; black and sooty...

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Can a tire pressure monitoring system be disabled
Mar 01, 2010

Does Kevin really need new tire-pressure sensors?

Dear Car Talk

I live in Albany, N.Y., and I own a 2009 Dodge Journey, all-wheel drive, with 19-inch wheels and tires. I didn't realize it at the time, but getting these optional huge wheels has made it impossible to find winter tires...

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is a working knock sensor essential for my car
Oct 01, 2006

Edith's Subaru needs a new knock sensor... but Edith is tight on dinero. Can the fix wait?

Dear Car Talk

I have a 1999 Subaru Outback that I love very dearly. Last week, the engine light came on, so I took it to my very reputable mechanic. He referred me to the dealer, because my "knock sensor" was off. He warned...

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why is my coolant light always on if my levels are fine
Jul 01, 2003

My warning light for low coolant comes on all the time, even when the engine is cool and the radiator is full.

Dear Car Talk

I think I have a problem with my Ford Escape My coolant-level light usually stays on whether the engine is cool or has been running for a while The level in the overflow tank is at the maximum line all...

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can i replace the oxygen sensor in my car by myself
Jul 01, 2003

Can I change a bad oxygen sensor on my own?

Dear Car Talk

My Honda Civic has been diagnosed with a bad oxygen sensor Although I am not mechanically inclined and have almost no tools to speak of I've been entertaining the idea of replacing the little sucker myself Short of providing entertainment...

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Dec 01, 2001

Check-engine light flickering but mechanic said it was the gas cap. Problem?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Oldsmobile with miles on it At about miles the check engine light came on and stayed on until I took it to the dealer later they told me the problem was a loose gas cap They turned...

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Jan 01, 2001

What do those pricey oxygen sensors do anyway?

Dear Car Talk

We own a VW Golf with only miles on it The engine warning light came on and stayed on We took it to our dealer who said it was the front oxygen sensor It cost to fix A week later...

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