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is an occasional transmission slip dangerous
Mar 01, 2016

Is It Safe To Drive Car With Slipping Transmission?

Dear Car Talk

The transmission on Bill's 2000 Volvo V70 is slipping. Is it safe to keep driving it? Car Talk's take, right here.

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Prius C has an uncomfortable headrest
Nov 24, 2015

Today: New Prius Headrest is a Pain in the Neck

Dear Car Talk

Jeannette loves her new Prius C except for one thing: the headrest. It's screwing with her posture and can't be adjusted. Can Car Talk help?

seats safety Toyota Prius

Cars using radar to avoid hitting animals
Dec 02, 2015

Radar Love: Can Radar Prevent Car/Wildlife Collisions?

Kieran Lindsey

Nothing ruins a scenic drive quite like running into an elk or a moose. Can radar help? Find out here!

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The safest crates and harnesses for dogs.
Oct 06, 2015

Today: No Flying Dogs


Are all pet restraints equally effective? The scoop from Car Talk's pet experts, crash test videos, and more, right here.

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Aug 18, 2015

Highway Deaths Up in 2015, and Lots of "Cheap Gas" Driving Is the Cause

Jim Motavalli

Cars are safer than they've ever been, drunk driving is down and seatbelt use is up, so only miles traveled explains it.


Pet health while traveling.
Aug 10, 2015

Pet First Aid: What Should You Have in Your Trunk?


Got a first-aid kit in your car? How about one for your pet?

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May 27, 2015

Car Insurance: Are We Getting the Discounts We Deserve?

Jim Motavalli

Drivers who mostly leave their cars in the garage aren't getting low-mileage rate cuts, despite statistics that show how how infrequently they get in accidents. Meanwhile, GM's OnStar teams up with Progressive to offer safe-driving savings... that's not without risks of its own. 

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Safe car travel for your dog with crates and seat belts.
Apr 24, 2015

Of Kennels and Crates: Safe Car Travel With Your Dog


Traveling with your dog? There are plenty of options to keep your dog safe. How does it work? Car Talk's guest experts weigh in. 

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Seat belts save lives
Feb 13, 2015

Bob Simon: A Tragic and Possibly Preventable Loss

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Bob Simon’s loss will be keenly felt. Yet, there is another part of the story about this exemplary journalist’s life and its sudden, end that has emerged and with all respect to the man and his memory, it is this aspect upon which we should also now focus: according to New York City police, Simon wasn’t wearing his seatbelt.

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Feb 02, 2015

Cars are Safer Today, But Bigger Isn't Always Better

Jim Motavalli

A victory against carnage on the roads: A new insurance industry survey cites systems like ABS brakes, lane keeping and adaptive cruise control for protecting Americans from fatalities, and it also names some winners and losers. Nine cars have zero death rates, and the Kia Rio and Nissan Versa win the booby prize.