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Just Say 'No' to Rustproofing
Dec 12, 2017

Just Say 'No' to Rustproofing

Dear Car Talk

Think twice before purchasing rustproofing for your new-ish car.

rust buying Toyota Corolla 2015

Stuck wheel adjusters can be loosened -- but it takes patience
Mar 14, 2017

Stuck Wheel Adjusters Can Be Loosened -- but It Takes Patience

Dear Car Talk

Patience is just one of the things you'll need to work on a car that's lived on salted roads.

rust alignment Toyota RAV4 2011

Oct 23, 2015

Rust Never Sleeps (But Scientists Are Trying to Put it in a Coma)

Jim Motavalli

The Rust Belt used to be plagued by car corrosion so bad that new pickups were full of holes in a few years. Now it's better, and researchers have come up with rust-eating beads that stop auto cancer in its tracks.


Ford Ranger is rusty and leaks oil
Sep 08, 2015

So Hard to Say Goodbye . . .

Dear Car Talk

Phil wants Car Talk to help him preserve the life of his 1990 Ford Ranger, which leaks and burns oil, smells like coolant, and the chassis, shocks and gas lines are almost rusted through. Is Phil delusional?

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Sep 01, 2008

When is a rust spot a wee bit too big for Bondo? Find out.

Dear Car Talk

I have a huge rust spot on my car, a '95 Subaru. It is not really a rust "spot," but rather a missing part of my car that has rust around it. I tried to sand it down and put Bondo on it and...


Apr 01, 2007

Is it time for Marty to give his '92 Civic rust bucket the old heave-ho?

Dear Car Talk

My 1992 Honda Civic LX sedan has 155,000 miles on it and has spent many Minnesota winters outside in the salt and the cold. The car runs great but it is very rusty. There is a hole in the trunk. A few...


is there harm in spraying auto undercarriages with used motor oil to protect from winter salt
Jun 01, 2004

Can I spray my undercarriage with motor oil to prevent rust damage from salty Vermont roads?

Dear Car Talk

I live up in Vermont and I just bought a new Toyota Tacoma Many of the people in my town tell me that they protect their vehicles from winter salt damage by having their undercarriages sprayed with used motor oil...

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why does the coolant in our daewoo turn brown and smell bad
Oct 01, 2003

Discolored coolant? We're betting it's colored with either rust or oil.

Dear Car Talk

My mother recently bought a used Daewoo Nubira It looked shiny and new and it ran pretty well When we inspected the engine compartment we noticed that the coolant was brown and had an awful smell to it I recommended...

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how do east coasters avoid auto rust due to salt and precipitation
Jul 01, 2003

What can I do about the rust being caused by all the salt I'm getting from New York winter roads?

Dear Car Talk

I moved to upstate New York from California this past winter and I've already noticed two problems with my Toyota Tacoma pickup a dearth of bikini-clad women in my truck and an abundance of rust and salt buildup on the...

rust winter

Oct 01, 2002

Can you recommend a rust inhibitor?

Dear Car Talk

I am the proud owner of a Alfa Romeo GTV I know what you're thinking -- I'm nuts Honestly I'm not Alfas are actually very easy to take care of -- they have simple engines that even a dope like...