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Results of a potato in a tailpipe
Nov 05, 2015

What Happens When You Put a Potato in a Tailpipe? Seriously.

Dear Car Talk

Dave wants Car Talk to answer a question he's had since childhood-what really happens when you put a potato in a tailpipe? Find out right here.

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Nov 12, 2010

Turnabout Is Fair Play: Car Talk's Auto-Related Practical Jokes

Jim Motavalli

What is life without a few good-natured practical jokes? Here's a few from the Car Talk collection, all of them involving automobiles. Note that the best ones go back 60 years or more. A good joke never dies, it just gets played on someone else.


Cup on the car roof prank
Jun 01, 2009

Today: Tom and Ray help Victor with a vehicular prank.

Dear Car Talk

My name is Victor, and as an upcoming college freshman, in a fit of my newfound freedom, I want to add a comical touch to my car (when and if I ever get one). I was thinking about gluing a...


Sep 01, 1998

A brother looks to prank his older brother...and turns to the masters for inspiration.

Dear Car Talk

I have a very vexing car question I have an extremely antagonistic older brother I'm he's I'm looking for the most devious possible practical jokes to play on him He's very bright and mechanically inclined so I thought I'd go...