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Mar 01, 1995

Could suspicious tachometer readings be caused by a change in wheel or tire size?

Dear Car Talk

I enjoy your column but I think you goofed recently You answered a letter from Ken who noticed that his tachometer was reading about rpm higher than it used to at miles an hour Based on his information you correctly...

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Feb 01, 1995

Do spoilers serve a purpose, or are they just for show?

Dear Car Talk

It was my understanding that spoilers are used to increase high speed traction on the drive wheels of a car That being the case what is the purpose of a spoiler on the rear of a front-wheel-drive car Barry RAY...


Mar 01, 1994

My wife hounds me constantly to keep the gas tank...

Dear Car Talk

My wife hounds me constantly to keep the gas tank above half-full because sediment which builds up at the bottom of the tank will be sucked up into the carburetor and cause engine trouble and or water will condense inside...

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May 01, 1993

Myth: Manual transmissions are better for towing.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Toyota -Runner with V engine and -speed manual transmission It has been running perfectly in both summer and winter Recently I purchased a boat and installed a hitch on the car The problem comes when I pull...

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Dec 01, 1992

Fact or fiction: Turning on the AC while idling will save gas.

Dear Car Talk

I have been told by an automobile manufacturers certified mechanic how to conserve on gasoline consumption He has practiced the proceedure for years and I am now following it Please confirm that this is valid When I am held up...

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Oct 01, 1992

True or false: It's a good idea to shift an automatic transmission into neutral at a stoplight.

Dear Car Talk

I have driven cars since the Model T In the early years before automatic transmissions I routinely shifted to Neutral at stop lights or in heavy traffic When I bought my first auto matic transmission car in I continued to...

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Apr 01, 1992

An "old husband's tale":

Dear Car Talk

In order to prevent carburetor problems my practice has been to fill up my gas tank before it gets below one-quarter full Trying to convince my wife to do the same has been difficult What's your opinion Possibly if I...

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Nov 01, 1991

The shift-to-neutral-at-stop-signs controversy revisited.

Dear Car Talk

Some months ago you covered the shift-to-neutral-at-stop-signs controversy I would appreciate you going over this issue again My husband has this habit when waiting for the light to change to green I explained what you said about it in your...

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Aug 01, 1991

Gettin' too old to care...

Dear Car Talk

I'm not a kid anymore and over the years I've known a handful of individuals who like to race their car engine a little and then immediately shut it off They all claimed this was good for the engine--that it...

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Aug 01, 1991

Cleaning fuel injectors with transmission fluid and gasoline...?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Ford Taurus I told a friend that I was going to get my fuel injectors cleaned He said to use a pint of transmission fluid in a tank of gas which he has been doing for some...

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