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Oct 01, 2008

Today: Is Margaret's convertible safe in a thunderstorm?

Dear Car Talk

I LOVE my 2000 VW Cabrio. It feels solid on the road, and the functioning roll bar completes the safe feeling (no, I haven't had to use it). But I'm wondering about how safe it is when there's lightning all around...

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Aug 01, 2007

Diane's Del Sol was flooded up to its little hood. Is it toast?

Dear Car Talk

I was just in a flood, and my Honda Del Sol got flooded up to the hood latch. It was not running then, and I have not tried to turn it on since then. It was in the water for...

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what car has good clearance for a driver in hurricane territory
Nov 01, 2005

Hurricane aftermath: Can you recommend vehicles that drive well in water?

Dear Car Talk

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I'm rethinking my requirements for a new car. I live in the barrier islands off the coast of Georgia. Several times a year, when the tide rises exceptionally high, I can't get home (or...

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more questions about automotive flood damage
Oct 01, 2005

Hurricane aftermath: How to tell if a car's been flooded and what to do with it.

Dear Car Talk

TOM: Since the two big hurricanes, we've had a flood (ha ha) of questions about flooded cars. So we thought we'd try to answer all of the most common questions at once: Q: How do you know if a car you're buying has flood...

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can you crack an engine block by driving it into water
Apr 01, 2004

Is "hydro-lock" code for "this engine is sunk"?

Dear Car Talk

My -year-old daughter drove her Dodge Neon Sport to high school Monday which happened to coincide with a record rainfall here The parking lot at her school was a lake She drove into it and her car died After the...

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Aug 01, 1999

Could driving my truck through a puddle be enough to hydro-lock an engine?

Dear Car Talk

My ' Toyota truck drowned going through a BIG puddle When I first tried to restart it the starter grunted and gave up So I waited for everything to dry out Unfortunately it still does the same thing Jump-starting doesn't...

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Oct 01, 1997

Could the shock I get when closing the door of my Geo Metro be to do with the lightening ball I was hit with years ago?

Dear Car Talk

My Geo Metro miles gives me a nasty shock whenever I get out and close the door Oooww Is something wrong with it It has done this occasionally for years but lately it seems worse Could it have something to...

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Feb 01, 1995

If my car is struck by lightening, what are the odds of getting electricuted?

Dear Car Talk

A car driven by someone I know was travelling down the highway and was struck by lightning Fire flamed up the antenna and also burned a hole in one tire The occupant was OK Would we be in any danger...

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Aug 01, 1993

Can you recommend a non-Japanese 4WD vehicle that does well in high winds?

Dear Car Talk

I've just moved from the foothills to the Sierra Valley where the snow piles up and the winter winds blow I'll be driving across this windy place every day next winter and I'm thinking of selling my beloved old VW...

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Jun 01, 1993

An easy leak fix for your trunk: weather stripping.

Dear Car Talk

I own a Geo Spectrum For the first two years the car had no problems Now however I've discovered that my trunk leaks whenever it rains or I wash my car Everything in my trunk gets wet and the trunk...

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