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Jun 01, 1998

Is the short distance garage sale driving ruining our car?

Dear Car Talk

My wife and I have a Nissan Sentra with miles on it My wife is kind of stingy with our expenses and attends a lot of garage sales on Saturday mornings Typically she wakes up about in the morning and...

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Jan 01, 1998

Which do you want to last longer: your transmission or your marriage?

Dear Car Talk

OK I've had it My soon-to-be-wife has a commercial driver's license and assumes that she knows a lot about driving Well she does but this is something I can't understand Her car is a Escort with automatic transmission She insists...

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Aug 01, 1997

Your wife DOES sound like a terrible driver, but your marriage comes first.

Dear Car Talk

I have no car problem My wife Elaine is the problem She has many driving quirks I'll name the three I consider most annoying The speed limit on our road is mph She goes the moment she gets to the...

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Oct 01, 1995

Does moving my electric seat with the engine turned off drain my car's battery?

Dear Car Talk

Before I start my car I move the electric seat forward so I can reach the gas pedal My boyfriend screams at me constantly and informs me that I am killing the battery this way Please am I doing something...

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Sep 01, 1995

Dr. Ruth weighs in on how to keep your husband from being too obsessed with his "hard body".

Dear Car Talk

My husband has a Nissan Hard body truck I don't know what a hard body is but he likes talking about it The truck has been great with only one problem--the red paint oxidizes terribly Therefore my husband spends hours...

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Apr 01, 1993

Some high octane advice for this husband.

Dear Car Talk

My wife Janet I had always believed loved me Which is precisely why I was always allowed to have your radio show on in the house despite her objection Otherwise you two gentlemen would have been relegated to where my...

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Apr 01, 1991

Shifting without the clutch is like catching a baseball in your teeth.

Dear Car Talk

After reading your response to the recent letter about the downshifting debate I was forced to concede defeat to my wife She has always followed your advice not to downshift when coasting to a stop despite my criticism teeth gnashing...

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Aug 01, 1989

What kind of male chauvinist porcine are you, Stan?

Dear Car Talk

I'm looking for a new car for my wife She drives a Toyota Celica The requirements are sporty looking need to seat family of four stick shift AC AM-FM stereo front wheel drive good performance and reliable As for price...

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